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Prednisone is used for treating severe allergies, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and skin conditions.

Prednisone online pharmacy, which he says is based on the principle that benefits of a treatment are justifiably obtained if a person has choice of where to obtain it, regardless of the cost to consumer. "In this case, there is a large disparity between the price that is charged for a product that can actually help people and the price that is charged for product people aren't actually advised to take," he said. "By using our platform, consumers are making an informed choice and saving money." A recent study by Dr. Steven Nissen of the University California San Francisco and the author of Drugs Abuse: A Physician's Guide to Safe and Effective Treatments, found that more than five million people in the U.S. use online pharmacies for the prescription of drugs. They are cheaper than physical retail pharmacies with their much larger selection. "Patients know exactly what they're getting from their online pharmacy," Dr. Nissen said in an interview with "In physical retailers, because there is no independent testing or oversight, it's possible that even a substandard product can be sold." However, Dr. Nissen stated that many online pharmacies have poor quality control, and the patients are unknowingly receiving inferior versions of prescription drugs. For drug-resistant bugs such as tuberculosis and some AIDS pathogens, he says, they cannot be tested for safety, efficacy, and side effects. in many states, they can be sold over the Internet. "Online pharmacies have been used as a way to circumvent state law and the FDA (Food Drug Administration)," said Dr. Nissen, who is senior scientist at the University of California San Francisco, and adjunct professor with the Keck School of Medicine University Southern California (USC). "They may also provide access to drugs that are not in the market and cannot be prescribed in person." For example, he said, there are no FDA-approved drugs for treating Hepatitis C, which is one of the best known diseases that is difficult to cure. "In this case," Dr. Nissen told, "an online pharmacy sold a product that doesn't exist in the marketplace, although it could." It's easy to see how physicians might view this, he explained. "The reality is that when an online pharmacy does sell inferior product, it could cause patients to choose a less effective option or to discontinue treatment, which increases the risk of drug resistance." Moreover, he said, "in the digital age it is virtually impossible to ensure that a website is not engaging in questionable practices." Dr. Nissen noted that while he is not opposed to online pharmacies, some are far cheaper than traditional retail outlets that are designed to meet the requirements of FDA and state healthcare regulators. "That, and the fact that there is relatively little oversight by the FDA does not inspire confidence," he said. "I Buy prednisone uk think that online pharmacies have a place in patient's care, particularly when the consumer can make an informed choice." For example, he said, some patients might be unaware of the purple shampoo drugstore brands potential benefits taking an oral medication versus being injected, and there are no proven side effects. However, when the pharmaceutical company has already spent millions on a drug, when they lose patent on that drug, when an alternative drug comes along, why would the patient want to try a new oral pharmaceutical form? Some believe that these online pharmacies are being used as a "bait and switch" strategy by big pharma to cut costs before more drugs become available. "I don't think there's an easy answer," Dr. Nissen said. "Patients have different priorities and they can choose different online pharmacies." Indeed, he said, some patients might be more attracted to a discount drug than an expensive one they are unaware of or find more appealing. And those patients might also be less able to distinguish between an Internet pharmacy and a physical one. Dr. Nissen said that sometimes there is no difference between the two. "The problem is that you don't know which pharmacy is actually where you are going — it doesn't tell you what the quality control is, how reliable the information and so on," he said. "But in the vast majority of cases, because the drugs that are available not over the counter, there can be no difference at all." When it comes to prescribing and dispensing medications, Dr. Nissen said, "there are always opportunities for companies to make money and have an advantage over their competitors." One thing is for sure, though: Consumers always have the right to choose whether or not use a pharmacy. "It's up to patients," he said. "We never claim to be medical professionals or prescribe physicians. We want the benefits of a drug, we want all of the information we can get,"

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